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Inplex is please to announce the addition of Kryptonite to our Injectorplex line of tubing. Kryptonite was developed as a less expensive and longer life alternative to steel tubing for down hole injection of chemicals for the Oil and Gas industry. Kryptonite is a high performance thermoplastic tubing that combines good mechanical properties with excellent thermal and chemical resistance properties. Kryptonite also provides high mechanical strength and strength-to-weight ratio while maintaining dimensional stability over wide variations to temperature and moisture with long-term property retention. In addition to Kryptonite, the Injectorplex line also offers Titan, an alternative down hole tube. Both of these tubes are completely resistant to H2S and scale will not adhere to it.

Upcoming Events:

Inplex will be exhibiting at the following trade shows, so if you would like passes to the show or additional information, please email is at We look forward to seeing you there!

April 1-2, ARK-LA-TEX Oilfield Expo, Shreveport, LA Booth #402

April 22-23, Southwestern Petroleum Short Course, Lubbock, TX Booth #50

July 1-2, Roseland's Oil and Gas South Texas Showdown, Galveston, TX