Inplex an american plastic extrusion manufacturing company

Who is Inplex? An American Plastic Extrusion Company

In today’s global economy there are companies that do basically everything you could imagine. From fulfilling the basic needs of the global populace to addressing niche markets like fuel delivery. So who is Inplex? An American plastic extrusion company based…

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custom plastic manufactuer plastic consumer goods

The Best in Manufacturing Plastic Consumer Goods: Inplex

If you are like most people, you spend very little time thinking about the plastics that make your life better every day. Whether you are using lotion from a pump dispenser bottle, chilling your drink with ice cubes from the…

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custom plastic extrusion

Quality Assurance for the Best Plastic Extrusion Products

Picking the right custom plastic extrusion manufacturer can be difficult. Many manufacturers do not have the plastic manufacturing quality assurance certifications, tools, and staff to meet legal, industry, and customer requirements. That’s why you should consider Inplex Custom Extruders LLC….

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Example of an outdoor product Pergola that could use Inplex custom plastic components

Why Top Brands Choose Inplex for Custom Plastic Components in Outdoor Products

Plastic is often the component material of choice for building pergolas, cabanas, and other outdoor products — as long as you’ve got the right manufacturer for the job. Finding a manufacturer that can create components for pergolas, cabanas, and other…

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Inplex Custom Extruders at a Conference

Inplex Attending the 2022 Southwestern Petroleum Short Course Association Conference

After what seemed like forever, in-person events are back, and that means it’s Conference and Trade Show season again. Events are popping up everywhere and you’ll want to register for your industry events now if you haven’t already. Inplex has…

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The Custom Plastic Extrusion Products From Inplex Custom Plastic Extruders

Everyday Applications for Custom Plastic Extrusion Products

From the oil and gas sector to common household items, plastic extrusion products play a bigger role in our world than we may realize. Some industries are especially reliant on custom plastic extrusion products and use certain plastics more than…

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