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10 Popular Consumer Products Made With Inplex Custom Plastic Components

Did you know that industrial packaging and construction are actually the most significant users of plastic in the U.S? It’s common to believe consumer plastic products are used the most. When in fact, consumer plastic components actually fall right behind…

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Top Benefits of PETG Plastics

Polyethylene terephthalate glycol… try saying that three times fast! While a mouthful to pronounce, polyethylene terephthalate glycol (or more easily called PETG) is a highly useful material commonly used across various industries. Because of the top benefits of using PETG…

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Inplex tubing rigid

Why ABS Plastic is Best for Your Custom Plastic Project

Plastics are all around us. They make many of our modern conveniences possible and our society would look a lot different without them. Plastics are critical components of many products, and there are many different types of plastics used for…

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The Best Oil and Gas Injection Tubing: Injectorplex

The oil and gas industry has been a critical industry for the development of the modern society we enjoy today. It has given us numerous opportunities and products that would be hard to live without. Plastic is one of these…

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Inplex an american plastic extrusion manufacturing company

Who is Inplex? An American Plastic Extrusion Company

In today’s global economy there are companies that do basically everything you could imagine. From fulfilling the basic needs of the global populace to addressing niche markets like fuel delivery. So who is Inplex? An American plastic extrusion company based…

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custom plastic manufactuer plastic consumer goods

The Best in Manufacturing Plastic Consumer Goods: Inplex

If you are like most people, you spend very little time thinking about the plastics that make your life better every day. Whether you are using lotion from a pump dispenser bottle, chilling your drink with ice cubes from the…

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