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Inplex 2023 Plastic Industry Trends 1

2023 Custom Plastic Extrusion Industry Trends

Over the past several years, the plastic extrusion industry has had incredible growth. Inplex will continue to make strides forward by remaining on top of the 2023 custom plastic extrusion industry trends for our clients. According to a recent report,…

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INPLEX Nylon 1 4

Why Nylon Is Popular in the Plastic Extrusion Industry

First created in 1935 by chemist Wallace Carothers, nylon has expanded from its initial use in stockings and toothbrushes to a host of applications. Now, this chemical-resistant, high-strength plastic is in everything — from clothing to custom plastic profiles —…

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The Best Plastic For Outdoor Use

How to Choose the Best Plastic for Outdoor Uses

Today, plastic has become a material of choice for manufacturers of outdoor applications. It is frequently used to make components in outdoor furniture, highway safety markers, metal wire coatings, and more. For manufacturers, it’s important to know how to choose…

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What Is Urethane and Why Should I Use it?

Friedrich Bayer, a German chemist, began developing an early version of polyurethane fibers in the 1930s. However, it wasn’t until the 1940s that polyurethanes became more popular when polyurethane elastomers were used as an alternative to rubber and to coat…

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Image of blog title Is PETG Food Safe

Is PETG Food Safe?

A common material choice in the custom plastic extrusion industry, PETG plastic is found in a wide range of useful products – especially food and beverage packaging. But how do you determine the answer to the question is PETG food…

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Why Industries are Switching to ABS Plastic Featured Image of Employees using laptop 2

Why Industries are Switching to ABS Plastic Applications

Global Market Insights predicts the acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) market — valued at $25.95 billion in 2020 — will grow to $39.27 billion by 2027. This is one of the many reasons why industries are switching to ABS plastic applications. Below…

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