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Plastic coating can enhance the use of virtually any metal. By coating metal pieces in plastic jacketing, they become safer to handle, easier to clean, and longer-lasting. Plastic coated metals last longer and can withstand harsh conditions which are easier for workers and consumers to handle. Materials that conduct electricity and heat can be made safer and simpler, without compromising quality.

With coverage that extends beyond precision and quality, our value ensures that we understand completely, customize specifically, to manufacture exactly.

Plastic Coating Wire Jacketing

 Custom Extruded Plastic Jacketing

Plastic jackets allow the flexible tubing to be handled even under extreme temperatures. Let Inplex help you find the right jacketing solution for your metal wiring, bars, or tubing needs.

Custom Extruding Plastic Wire Coating

Inplex Plastic Extrusion Coating

Inplex can coat continuous lengths of your flexible tubing, wire or metal bars. Plastic coated wire is used to create materials and products that can stand up to weather extremes, excessive moisture, and frequent use.

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