A versatile and optically transparent thermoplastic that provides an array of useful features.

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Polycarbonate is well known for its toughness, temperature resistance, impact resistance, and workability in molding and thermoforming.
As a thermoplastic, polycarbonate material does not get burned when subjected to extreme temperatures. Instead, polycarbonate gradually transitions from a solid to a liquid at its melting point of 155 degrees Celsius. This gradual melting means that polycarbonate can be shaped by continually cooling and reheating the material. As a result, polycarbonate is the most common material to undergo manufacturing processes involving injection molding. Polycarbonate is a good electrical insulator and can be used in a wide variety of applications. Since polycarbonate material is quite pliable and can withstand angle bends and plastic deformations at room temperature, it is well-suited for extrusion into tubes, rods, and profiles. In addition to its extrusion applications, polycarbonate is also widely used as the primary material in manufacturing electronic components and media discs such as CDs and DVDs. Injection-molded polycarbonate can also be found in automotive, aircraft, and railway components. Many types of eye protection, such as sunglasses, sporting helmets, safety visors and swimming goggles also use polycarbonate thanks to its resistance to UV light. The most notable drawback of polycarbonate material is that it is susceptible to scratching. As a result, many manufacturers apply anti-scratch coating during the production of consumer items that use polycarbonate. Toxicity has also been a traditional worry regarding polycarbonate use, specifically when the material comes into contact with food. However, most polycarbonates today are manufactured to be BPA free, reducing hazards and making it possible to use polycarbonate in applications dealing with food and water. Our stock polycarbonate is UV stable and available in FDA grades.

Although polycarbonate is usually clear, we can also accommodate custom orders so that you can use the color of your choice.

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