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Custom Plastic Lighting Lens Covers

Inplex LED Light Lens

Create an Ideal Lighting Environment with Inplex Extruded Plastics

The indoor lighting we use every day is filtered through a lens cover. We manufacture custom plastic lens covers, LED channel strip covers, and tubing for rope lighting that align with your specifications and aesthetics. 

At Inplex, we manufacture every size, shape, and color of lens covers for use in homes, outdoor living spaces, businesses, and industrial settings. Whatever your plastic light cover needs, we have over five decades of expertise in manufacturing custom plastic parts for indoor lighting and keep perfecting our craft every day. 

Here are some of our most popular requests for our custom plastic light covers: 

  • Lens Covers
  • LED Channel Strip Covers
  • Tubing for Rope Lighting
Send us an application with specifications for your custom plastic light cover project.
We welcome projects that challenge us to embrace new market segments. Please contact us to share more about your next custom project.

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