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Custom Plastic Extrusion For Any Industry

Inplex provides both tubing and profiles for a wide variety of industries. Our in-house engineering and in-house tooling save time and money for companies in the Consumer Housewares and point-of-purchase displays to Lighting, Electrical Utilities, and Highway Safety industries. Inplex offers in-house engineering, color mixing, and over 100 raw materials running on 10 extrusion lines. Our ISO 9001-certified and temperature-controlled facility also runs 24/7, offering scheduling flexibility and extensive customer service.

Below are just a few of the many industries we serve. At Inplex, we take a great deal of pride in simply, precisely, and responsibly adding our genius to everyday life. Bring us your application, regardless of its market segment, and we’ll find a solution.

Inplex consumer thumb

Custom Plastic for Consumer Houseware

From inside your home to outside in your backyard, Inplex manufactures the plastic profiles that shape your life. Inplex extrudes to your exact profile specifications. Whether rigid or flexible material, transparent or opaque, Inplex provides unparalleled functionality, while saving time and money.

custom extruded Rail strips

Custom Plastic for Point-of-Purchase Displays

Grocery stores and a number of other retail locations use extruded rail strips, display channels, and price tag holders to convey product and pricing information to customers around the world. At Inplex, we manufacture these point-of-purchase display assets quickly and within your budget.

We also manufacture sign poles, display legs, shelf strips, shelf edging, and banner holders for tabletop displays.

Inplex lighting thumb

Custom Plastic for Lighting Lens Covers

The indoor lighting we use every day is filtered through lens covers, which also protect the fluorescent bulbs in the ceiling. At Inplex, we manufacture every size and shape of lens covers for use in homes, businesses, and industrial settings.

We also manufacture LED channel strip covers and tubing for rope lighting.

Plastic jacketing Coating on Wire

Custom Plastic for Electrical & Utilities

Inplex manufactures coated wire and coated conduit, along with guy wire guards, U-channels, and busways for a variety of electrical utilities around the country.

Custom Plastic Extruding Profiles

Custom Plastic for Highway Safety

Where roadside conditions can be dangerous, plastic highway safety markers are easier to change and maneuver than metal.

Inplex manufactures high-quality, plastic pavement markers, sign poles, snow poles and posts, roadside delineator posts, and lane separator posts. These items come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, each backed by our extraordinary commitment to exceeding expectations.

Injectorplex Titan Capillary tubing

Custom Plastic for Oil & Gas

Reduce your cost as well as your carbon footprint. Choose our state-of-the-art Injectorplex and eliminate expensive stainless steel oil and gas injection tubing.

Polyamide tubing can withstand harsh temperatures while providing better flexibility than stainless steel.

Outdoor Patio Furniture Parts

Custom Plastic for Outdoor Living

If you’re searching for high-quality plastic parts for outdoor furniture, you’ve come to the right place. Inplex is devoted to quality, and we’ll ensure that your pergola and cabana outdoor parts are aesthetically pleasing and durable for years to come.

Whether you’re looking for lighting covers or other outdoor plastic material, our in-house engineering team will collaborate with you every step of the way to meet your needs in terms of material, measurements, color, and size.


Conveyor Roller Sleeves and Covers

Custom Plastic for Conveyor Roller Sleeves & Covers

Inplex manufactures unique plastic components for modern warehouses, specializing in conveyor roller sleeves, conveyor roller covers, and other custom plastic parts for exceptional warehouse infrastructure and functionality.

Our custom plastic extrusions and parts help manufacturing industry companies process and ship their products more efficiently. All our conveyor roller sleeves and covers are manufactured to exact specifications from a wide selection of material options.


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