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Why Industries are Switching to ABS Plastic Applications

Global Market Insights predicts the acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) market — valued at $25.95 billion in 2020 — will grow to $39.27 billion by 2027. This is one of the many reasons why industries are switching to ABS plastic applications. Below Inplex Custom Extruders discusses what industries rely on ABS plastic and more reasons why industries are switching to ABS plastic applications. 

ABS plastic comes with a ton of key benefits. ABS plastic is light, strong, durable, and impact resistant. ABS is versatile with stakeholders across market segments using it in their applications. Various industries, including automotive, plumbing, retail, refrigeration, food storage, oil and gas, logistics, and industrial machinery, use ABS plastic parts and applications.

What Is ABS Plastic?

ABS plastic is a thermoplastic polymer. Three monomers that do not usually blend are combined to form the opaque polymer. Styrene and acrylonitrile are emulsified or polymerized in the presence of polybutadiene to form ABS.

The three monomers contribute to the end product’s characteristics:

  • Acrylonitrile offers chemical and thermal stability.
  • Butadiene makes the product tough and strong.
  • Styrene is responsible for the product’s smooth and glossy surface.

What this means is that ABS melts and becomes a liquid instead of burning when exposed to high temperatures. Another key benefit of this plastic is it can endure exposure to very low temperatures. 

Because of ABS plastics’ ability to perform at a low temperature, it’s frequently extruded for uses in things like trim or moldings in a freezer or cold storage room. ABS is an ideal plastic for general use in frigid climates. 

ABS polymer is also extruded and used in water pipes, waste pipes, and other water transfer applications. We mentioned how durable this material is. One of the reasons it is recognized as being such a durable plastic is due to its high UV resistance to impact.. 

Most of the time ABS is the best plastic to use in harsh environments. The material’s key benefits make it a highly sought material to use in several different industries. Those industries that rely on ABS are discussed below.


Industries That Use ABS Plastic

LEGO Bricks

What is ABS plastic used for? From the classic LEGO bricks and children’s toys to wall sockets, power tool housing, plastic tubes, and desktop keyboards, you can find ABS-based products everywhere. Inplex manufactures custom-extruded plastic tubing and profiles for an array of industries.

Automotive uses of ABS

ABS plastic parts are light and help reduce a vehicle’s overall weight, contributing to greater fuel efficiency and lower carbon emissions. You can see the scratch-proof thermoplastic in vehicle bumpers, front grills, dashboards, steering wheels, door handles, logos, trims, mirror covers, and fuel tank caps. In the case of an accident, ABS plastic absorbs and redistributes energy to keep passengers safe.

ABS Uses for Highway Safety

ABS plastic road safety markers have replaced metal ones due to their low weight, eye-catching color options, and ease of movement. Inplex manufactures a wide range of highway safety products in different sizes, shapes, and colors. These include raised pavement markers, signposts, snow poles, traffic delineators, and lane separator posts.

Custom Plastic for Plumbing

ABS plastic is a safe choice for water tubing due to its strength, durability, and shock resistance. It is extruded for use in indoor settings and is also one of the best plastics for outdoor use since ABS plastic tubing material is easy to handle and cut to your desired size. It is a favorite in residential, commercial, and industrial plumbing projects. 

The polymer will not rust, flake, leak, or rot. It is also cost-effective. The material is used to produce custom plastic tubes, water pipes, drain pipes, wastewater pipes, and vent piping systems. Whatever your custom tubing requirements, ABS is a great option to consider!

Point of Purchase Displays for Retail

The sign poles, display legs, channel shelf strips, shelf edging, and banner holders you see at retail chain stores are usually made of ABS plastic. Inplex manufactures extruded rail strips, display channels, price tag holders, and other point-of-purchase (POP) display assets for retail stores.

Oil Rig

Oil and Gas Industry Use of ABS

Oil rig parts made of ABS plastic sheets are resistant to corrosion caused by saltwater, gases, and chemicals. ABS plastic bushings, bearings, valve seals, and gland seals also have longer lifespans than metal parts. ABS-based oil rig parts do not require frequent maintenance or replacement and can help avoid equipment damage and failure.

3 Top Advantages ABS Plastic Use

Have you wondered why ABS plastic is extensively used across industries and in domestic and commercial projects? ABS plastic is light and reasonably priced — with prices ranging between that of polycarbonate and that of polypropylene. Here are 3 top advantages of using ABS plastic and other characteristics that make it popular. 

1. ABS Plastic Is Structurally Strong

ABS plastic transitions to the liquid state at a glass transition temperature of 221°F. The polymer will not undergo high degradation or burn even when the heating, cooling, and reheating process is repeated multiple times. Due to this characteristic, ABS plastic is quite easy to machine. It is used in injection molded part development, fabrication, and several other complex manufacturing applications.

2. ABS Polymer Can Be Custom-Colored

ABS plastic comes not only in natural amber and off-white finishes but can also be given any custom color based on precise project specifications. Relevant shades are added during the extrusion process and the material accepts paints and adhesives quite easily. The color customization makes ABS plastic an ideal choice for usage in POP displays and 3D printing prototypes.

Stock and custom color tubing offered at Inplex Custom Extruders: 

  • Transparent 
  • Translucent 
  • Opaque 
  • Stock colors or custom matched to your project’s requirements. 

3. ABS Is Human-Friendly

Unlike thermoset plastic which undergoes an irreversible chemical change when heated, thermoplastics such as ABS can be remolded several times. The ability to withstand repeated heating and cooling makes ABS plastic an excellent candidate for recycling. ABS plastic is also nontoxic, non-carcinogenic, and long-lasting.

Why Are Industries Switching to ABS Plastic?

As you can see ABS plastics are one of the top plastics choices for many industrial and retail products. It’s a low-cost, versatile, durable, recyclable, and customizable plastic making it a viable choice for many projects.

The industries that currently use the material have seen great growth and success. ABS Plastic continues to provide effective solutions to thousands of industries and products for millions of different applications. 

It’s safe to say ABS Plastic is no longer a secret among manufacturers. The material is gaining popularity mostly because of its low production cost and durability. With the material having as many key benefits as it does, it only makes sense that industries are now switching to ABS Plastic Applications.  

Do you want more information on ABS Plastic? Check out our recent blog discussing Why ABS Plastic is Best For Your Custom Plastic Project.

Need Custom Plastic Extrusion? Switch to Inplex

With the right custom extruder, the uses of ABS plastic are limitless. It’s time to switch to ABS plastic applications. Choose a top ABS plastic manufacturer, like Inplex Custom Extruders. 

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Why Inplex Custom Extruders is the Best Custom Plastic Extruder

Inplex Custom extruders have been manufacturing extruded custom plastic tubing and profiles for over 50 years. We take pride in producing high-quality plastic tubing and profiles. 

Whatever your needs are Inplex has the expertise and the technology to extrude your plastic tubing. We use the newest technology and techniques, like plastic co-extrusion and tri-extrusion, to create custom plastic projects that have and will continue to meet our customer’s specific needs.

Inplex employs a full-time quality control team that is represented on all three shifts. If that didn’t showcase how much we as a company are about quality assurance then this sure will. 

For the ninth consecutive year, Inplex has received the ISO Quality System certification. This proves how Inplex is a stable company with reliable standards. Inplex is the American plastic extrusion company you should work with. 

Speak with an Inplex representative to understand how ABS plastic can be customized for your next project. As experts in extruded custom plastic tubing and profile manufacturing, Inplex can help!

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