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The Advantage of Inplex Custom Extruders

For more than 50 years, Inplex Custom Extruders has been producing custom plastic extrusions for clients across many industries. Inplex will add any custom fabrication steps that a plastic extrusion job may require. Custom fabrications for plastic extrusions such as punching, notching, drilling, or angled cutting. At Inplex, we create custom extrusion products that always meet our client’s needs as well as comply with any and all regulatory requirements. We are the experts in plastic extrusion tooling! Our experienced team of technicians use the most advanced computerized controls and the right techniques to fabricate any custom plastic extrusion you desire.


Our skilled ISO 9001:2015 and IMS Certified team is capable of running profiles, tubing, pipe and coating of wire and conduit, as well as Co-Extrusion and Tri-Extrusion. Inplex uses systems to continuously monitor the performance of each extrusion which allows for improving operational methodology as necessary. Our dedicated team has detailed knowledge along with the skills and production methods to meet your exact extrusion specifications.

The Inplex Difference

Quality Control
We understand completely, customize specifically, and manufacture exactly. We strive to deliver only the highest quality plastic tubing and plastic profiles. Which is why we’ve invested in quality assurance mechanisms that check the structure and function of everything we do. Our QDA 9 Datamyte software collects dimensional data and confirms specifications for statistical progress Control (SPC) reports. Our Admet eXpert 7601 uses a digital controller and advanced software to test the tension and break capabilities on all flexible polymer products. Our non-contact laser micrometers keep a constant eye on the manufacturing process, ensuring that dimensions are correct according to the customer’s specifications.

ISO Certification
In addition to these internal quality assurance steps overseen by our full-time quality team, we maintain ISO 9001:2015 and IMS certifications in good standing. That’s why we’ve gone through the process of getting an ISO surveillance audit and a Certificate of Registration for our Quality Management System. We are ISO certified for the 9001:2015 standard. Having an ISO certificate means that Inplex meets these internationally accepted standards at all phases of its process, from order entry to product calibration. This is our ninth year in a row being ISO-certified, and we look forward to many more years to come.

Quality Materials
At Inplex, we process many different varieties of resins using standard extrusion techniques as well as co-extrusion and tri-extrusion.  We use our expertise to create custom-designed tubing that can stand up to harsh conditions without bending, breaking, or decomposing. Thanks to these and many more standard features, we can confidently offer our plastic extrusion fabrication services to companies across various industrial and commercial industries.

Injectorplex – Unique to Inplex


For our clients in the oil and gas industry, extreme conditions are part of the job and you can’t afford to take chances with an unproven method. You’ve got high temperatures, hazardous chemicals, and extreme pressure going through your system daily. If your tubing gives in to any of these threats, you’ve got interrupted operations and a high cost of repair on your hands.

Injectorplex provides durability and versatility that far exceeds the capacity of stainless steel, even in extreme conditions. Injectorplex gives you the reliability and function that you need and with more durability than stainless steel while saving you money in the process. This high-performance tubing is designed for extreme durability and resistance to both thermal and chemical damage.


Titan and Dual Titan Capillary Tubing

It features high dimensional stability, is extremely flexible, and has a strength-to-weight ratio that is far superior to that of stainless steel. Not only is it easier to handle and transport, but the Titan line can also significantly reduce your costs related to materials repair. It doesn’t corrode or gather scale, so it doesn’t need to be replaced nearly as often as traditional stainless-steel tubing. The Dual Titan type serves more advanced needs thanks to tandem cavity access and simultaneous bi-directional flow. Both models are smart investments as they’re budget-friendly without compromising on quality and are more sustainable than other options, with up to 25% post-industrial recycled content.

Injectorplex Kryptonite (PPS)

Kryptonite offers all of this resistance while still being easy to use. It weighs only 45 pounds per thousand feet of tubing, significantly and noticeably less than the weight of comparable stainless steel. It’s lighter but doesn’t require you to sacrifice strength —its tensile strength at the structural break is an ISO-compliant 7250 psi. This performance tubing is made of a semicrystalline thermoplastic that resists damage from a wide variety of on-site environmental threats such as, fire, solvents, high-temperature oils, hydrocarbons, paraffin accumulation, water absorption,  and corrosion.

Benefits of Injectorplex Tubing:

  • Outstanding chemical resistance
  • Superior flexibility
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Temperature resistance
  • Will not pit, crack or corrode
  • The 300-degree-Fahrenheit temperature of continuous use
  • Mechanical strength and stability at high temperatures
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Creep resistance
  • Resist: acids / bases pH 2 to 12
  • Minimal attack or swelling with chemical exposure
  • Specific density lower than that of metal

The Inplex Advantage

Different projects and settings call for different materials. Inplex works closely with each and every client to understand their needs and we use that knowledge to hand-select the right materials and preparation techniques. With reliability and precision, Inplex offers cost-effective methods for the preparation of custom extrusions for final use or the next stage of processing. Inplex Custom Extruders has the technology, materials, and expertise to produce tubing that suits any project. We understand a little thing can make a big difference. Plastic extrusion may only be one component of your business, but it’s an essential piece of your internal operations. If your plastic tubing or profile isn’t as reliable as it could be, you’re taking on more risk than necessary.


Inplex can help you make the next move toward increasing your profits and growing your business.


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