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Top Benefits of PETG Plastics

Polyethylene terephthalate glycol… try saying that three times fast! While a mouthful to pronounce, polyethylene terephthalate glycol (or more easily called PETG) is a highly useful material commonly used across various industries. Because of the top benefits of using PETG plastic, American plastic extrusion company, Inplex Custom Extruders, makes sure PETG is on their list of materials they specialize in manufacturing.

The benefits surrounding PETG plastics are numerous. Yet, in order to fully appreciate the top 7 benefits discussed in this blog post, it’s necessary to first understand a little more about this unique, customizable plastic.

What Is PETG Plastic?

PETG plastic is a common plastic used in manufacturing, and consists of thermoplastic polyester. This type of plastic offers substantial resistance to chemical compounds, as well as excellent durability and formability.

Thanks to these features, PETG plastic can easily be vacuumed, pressure-formed, or heat-bent. As such, PETG plastic is commonly used as a popular choice in 3D printing, and other techniques that utilize heat-forming manufacturing procedures.

In addition to its uses in heat-forming procedures, PETG plastic is also a great choice for fabrication practices such as routing, bending, and die cutting. There are many PETG plastics manufacturers, such as Inplex LLC, with experience manufacturing and using PETG plastics, as well as extruding custom PETG plastic tubing and profiles.

What Are the Top Benefits of Using PETG Plastics?

While similar to substances like acrylic and polycarbonate products, PETG has certain characteristics that make it stand out from other popular plastics for manufacturing.

While all three all come in sheet, rod, and tubing options, Polycarbonate is often affected by certain chemicals. These chemicals will attack the material and cause cracking. Acrylic is also a great all-purpose material, but it doesn’t have the impact strength of PETG.

PETG is a clear and durable amorphous thermoplastic material that is excellent for tubing or profiles. While the list of pros could go on and on, there are 7 specific benefits that show why PETG should be the top choice for your extrusion needs.

The Top 7 benefits of PETG include the following:

1.) Cost-effectiveness: Thanks to its strength and durability, PETG is a cost-effective solution since it is less likely to be ruined during manufacturing processes, and less likely to create a defective product.

2.) Durability: PETG is strong and resistant to high impacts. This makes it a suitable choice for operations that include glazing, high temperatures, UV rays, chemical compounds, and water. Due to its ability to handle intense pressure and conditions, the material is commonly used in food and beverage containers, allowing for products to last longer.

3.) Easily colored: Since PETG plastic is naturally transparent, adding resin can easily allow for various custom color variations. Here at Inplex, our custom plastic tubing will match your exact specifications. Inplex has transparent, translucent, opaque, and custom matches to suit your requirements.

4.) Environment friendly: PETG plastic is 100% recyclable which helps in the reduction of waste. In turn, this allows PETG plastic to avoid causing harmful environmental effects.

5.) Formability: Since PETG plastic is durable, it is also highly formable and can do well with both vacuum and thermos formable operations without the risk of cracking due to high pressure. It can also be extruded into sheets or injection molded to create a series of shapes. At Inplex, we can form all your specific custom tubing and co-extrusion needs.

6.) Non-toxic: PETG plastic is non-toxic, making it ideal for home and office use, as well as for 3D printing. It also has no odor, ensuring that users do not have to suffer from strong and off-putting smells.

7.) Safe to use: Unlike plastics that contain BPA, PETG is completely safe, and can be used without fear of ingesting toxins. As an FDA-certified plastic, PETG is a great choice for storage containers for food, as well as bottles to drink from.

Which Major Industries Use PETG Plastics?

image of led lights for Top PETG Plastic Benefits blogThanks to its 7 major benefits, PETG plastic can be utilized for a wide range of products. While these different products span numerous industries, PETG can be particularly helpful for certain ones based on the unique characteristics it has. The most important industries that can utilize custom PETG extrusions are:

  • Food and Drink Packaging: As noted previously, the non-toxic material of PETG makes it safe to use for food containers and drinking bottles. The food and drink industry utilizes PETG plastic to create boxes and containers to package and store food. These containers are often created using PETG filament and 3D printing. In using PETG plastic to secure food and drink products, manufacturers are ensuring that their products remain safe and free from impact, thanks to the durability provided by PETG plastic.
  • Medical: Unsurprisingly, the medical industry is a top contender in utilizing 3D printing technologies. Since it is a strong material and can last a long time in the body, PETG is a great option to use when it comes to printing or creating medical equipment and other prosthesis. According to an article in the National Library of Medicine, PETG is largely selected due to the fact it has great cell acceptance post surgery. In the medical world, PETG plastic is commonly used to make thermoformed trays, clamshell packaging, blister packaging, mounting and mounting cards, just to name a few uses.
  • Retail: In retail, PETG filament and 3D printing is used to create display stands and other similar products. These stands, which can come in varying sizes, can be used to display clothing, jewelry, hats, and more. Since PETG can be customized with different colors, these display stands can be fun and attractive for stores to use. Plus, the durability and cost-efficiency of PETG plastic ensure that it is an attractive solution for retail industries who are looking for impact-resistant display options.

Looking for Custom PETG Options for Your Next Plastic Project?

If you’re looking for custom plastic product manufacturers, you’ve come to the right place. As you’ve been able to see from reading this article, Inplex is equipped with the knowledge for what your custom plastic project needs.

Due to its durability, cost-effectiveness, and non-toxic properties, PETG plastic is a great option for custom plastic projects. At Inplex, we cover custom plastic tubing, profiles, coating and jacketings, as well as co-extrusion. From food containers and drinking bottles, to medical applications and rigid tubing, the possibilities for PETG are endless.

We value long-term relationships with our clients, and will give the quality and service you expect. At Inplex, we aren’t just a company, we’re a family of hard-working individuals invested in the success of our clients. Our team of plastic experts would be happy to discuss your next custom PETG project.

Choose Inplex for Your Custom Extrusion Needs

Established in 1967, Inplex Custom Extruders has been manufacturing high quality, custom plastic extrusion for over 50 years. Operating out of a 42,000 square foot facility in the United States, the industry experience we have gained over that time has allowed us to become the top experts in custom plastic manufacturing.

We uphold our high standard by ensuring all clients have the quality assurance they need. Inplex is committed to upholding their ISO certification. In the past 9 years, Inplex has had zero non-conformities.

With Inplex’s wide range of plastic forming capabilities, as well as our extensive list of custom tubing materials on hand, we are ready to create whatever plastic components you may need. Feel free to check out our complete material list to see the many options we can offer to help your project today.

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