Eliminate expensive stainless steel tubing with state-of-the-art

Injectorplex perfomring in a series of harsh oil and gas environments.

Inplex innovation brings you Injectorplex, a superior polymer tube that reduces cost, exceeds performance, and is manufactured with recycled material (environmentally responsible). Injectorplex maintains its integrity under the harshest conditions. It will not crack, pit or scale. There is no corrosion. Polymer makes it more economical than stainless steel. Lighter weight makes it easier to deploy. A longer life-cycle keeps your application running.

Send us your application specifications. You don't need 'nerves of steel' to compete in the oil and gas business, you need Injectorplex. Efficiency, economy, reliability will move you to greater profit. Our value ensures that we understand completely, customize specifically, to manufacture exactly.

Tested for more than seven years, Injectorplex has proved to be remarkably successful even under the most extreme conditions. Without doubt, stainless steel tubing for injection is now a liability.

Injectorplex provides unparalleled resistance without pitting or cracking due to the effects of chemical or corrosion wear or harsh H2S environments. Additionally, superior flexibility and resistance to abrasion result in ease of installation and convertibility. It is a new operational dimension.

Injectorplex flexibility means simplicity and economy of installation.

Innovative design and manufacturing provide temperature resistance, lighter weight than stainless steel.

Versatility in gas and oil basins regardless of climate adds up to important savings ... replaces stainless steel tubing easily and successfully with a minimum of down time.

Answers all installation requirements
Gas and oil gathering/water disposal/gas injection/water injection/CO2 injection/Chemical injection

Readily fits virtually all installations
Conventional trench/surface lay/plow in/rehabilitation/horizontal drilling/capillary tubing/salt accumulation.