LDPE - Low Density
low temp material flexible material UV exposure material

LLDPE - Linear Low
flexible material UV exposure material

MDPE - Medium Density
UV exposure material

HDPE - High Density
rigid material UV exposure material

Polyethylene tubing ranges from flexible (LDPE) to semi-rigid (HDPE). It is a very economical material which is good for tubing. It is available in FDA and in industrial grades. It has good chemical resistance, and by adding UV stabilizers, it has good outdoor properties.

Available in natural (translucent white), stock and custom colors. For flexible water and air lines where barbed fittings are used, LLDPE is preferred because it has better resistance to environmental stress cracking.

Selecting the best thermoplastic resin for your plastic tubing and plastic profiles requires that you first determine how it is being used, where it will be used (environment) and your cost constraints. Please feel free to contact us to further discuss your material requirements.