Co-extrusion and Tri-extrusion

Inplex uses co-extrusion and tri-extrusion to manufacture plastic tubing and plastic profiles according to your exact specifications.  Co-extrusion is the simultaneous extrusion of two layers of material through the operation of multiple thermoplastic melt streams and tri-extrusion uses the same method handling three different materials in the same extrusion process. A range of materials of varying rigidities can safely go through either the co-extrusion or tri-extrusion processes, which work to melt and push different plastics through a single die and then extrudes the materials into any shape you desire. From flexible to rigid, transparent to opaque, and any color you desire– our in-house tooling will co-extrude your version of perfection.

Let Inplex co-extrude your version of perfection. Our value ensures that we understand completely, customize specifically, to manufacture exactly.

Custom Plastic Extrusion


Tri-extrusion offers all of the same features and benefits of co-extrusion while
handling three different materials in the same extrusion process.

coextruded plastic profiles

Dual Durometer and Color

Dual Durometer uses materials with different hardness – flexible and rigid, such as a hinged profile. Dual Color uses different colors incorporated into one continuous part.

image 5

Value Added:

Custom Colors & Durometer

  • Flexible
  • Rigid
  • Transparent
  • Translucent
  • Opaque
  • Stock or custom colors

Exact Specifications

  • Cut to length
  • In-line fabrication
  • Materials Used
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Experience precision manufacturing with exceptional service and support. Inplex will co and tri extrude profiles with dual densities and with a variety of color combinations to meet your needs.

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