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Custom Plastic Tubing
Custom Plastic Tubing

Manufacturing custom plastic tubing to your exact specifications.

Endless Material Options
Endless Resin and Color Possibilities

Choose from a large variety of resin and color combinations.

Plastic Coating & Jacketing
Plastic Coating & Jacketing

Coating continuous lengths of material.

Custom Plastic Profiles
Custom Plastic Profiles

Plastic extrusion and co-extrusion to fit every design.

Commercial Plastic Products
Household & Commercial Plastic Products

Plastic extruded products for a variety of industries.

Industries We Serve

Extrusion Plastic For Outdoor

Outdoor Lving

Outdoor Living Capabilities
Conveyers and sleeve covers

Conveyor Roller Sleeves & Covers

Conveyor Roller Sleeves & Covers Capabilities
Injectorplex Inplex tubing
Injectorplex Inplex tubing

Save on Production Costs With Injectorplex Injection Tubing

Injectorplex injection tubing provides incredible toughness and immense versatility, making it less resistant to cracking or corrosion than stainless steel tubing.


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Made in USA background

Proudly Manufactured in the USA

All of our material is made and produced in Naperville, Illinois by our in-house engineers, ensuring that your plastic extrusion needs are of the highest quality in the industry.

The Inplex Difference

Plastic tubing profiles

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Plastic Extrusion FAQs: Everything You Need To Know

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Why Customers Choose Inplex for Custom Plastic Extrusion Services

There are many reasons customers choose to work with Inplex. To begin, Inplex offers the best custom plastic extrusion services. Whether your organization requires plastic extrusion for consumer houseware, applications in the oil & gas industry, or even conveyor roller...

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Injectorplex Injection Tubing: Stainless Steel vs. Plastic

With over 50 years of experience, Inplex has been creating custom extruded plastic tubing and plastic profile extrusions for various companies, including consumer housewares, outdoor living, and electrical. One of their latest projects is Injectorplex injection tubing, targeting the gas...

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