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10 Popular Consumer Products Made With Inplex Custom Plastic Components

Did you know that industrial packaging and construction are actually the most significant users of plastic in the U.S? It’s common to believe consumer plastic products are used the most. When in fact, consumer plastic components actually fall right behind industrial packaging. With many popular consumer products made with custom plastic components, it creates enough demand to keep plastic manufacturing plants busy. Today we cover 10 popular consumer products made with Inplex custom plastic components. 

A majority of consumer products contain plastic components. Inplex Custom Extruders, a custom plastic manufacturer, creates many of them for a variety of industries.  Inplex Custom Extruders has been manufacturing extruded custom plastic tubing and profiles for over 50 years.

Inplex can create custom plastic components with over 100 different unique plastic materials. They serve several different industries and have a strong commitment to producing high-quality plastic products that exceed their customer’s expectations.

With the endless possibilities of custom plastic design, It’s more than likely you have things throughout your home that were manufactured here at Inplex. Here’s our list of 10 notable consumer products you may already have in your home, and are possible to manufacture at Inplex

High Impact and Weather Resistant Plastic Tubing 

Need tubing that can withstand freezing temperatures or other harsh elemental conditions? Consider using Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). This material is rigid and creates a high-impact plastic that is perfect for tough conditions. This makes it the perfect material for water pipes or other critical tubing needs.

ABS can come in a variety of custom colors and is also often used in a variety of consumer products. This material is lightweight, inexpensive, and easy to work with which makes it a popular choice in the plastics industry. 

Learn more about ABS plastic in our recent blog, Why ABS Plastic is Best for Your Custom Plastic Project.

Order Custom Plastic Highway Markers Highway Markers

Highway markers play an important role in highway safety. The following highway safety products are manufactured at Inplex Custom Extruders. 

  • Pavement markers
  • Sign poles
  • Snow poles
  • Roadside posts
  • Lane separators

The use of every marker or post dramatically improves vehicle and roadway safety. Effective highway markers need to be durable and adaptable. From highways to parking lots, Inplex has not only produced these items but has continued to play a huge role in roadway safety. 

Inplex manufactures durable highway markers that withstand low temperatures and high temperatures. Whether you need temporary markers to alert drivers to hazardous conditions or permanent road markers to demarcate lanes and shoulders, Inplex can create custom markers to meet your needs.

Inplex Plastic Components for Outdoor Living

Need custom, durable plastic components for your outdoor living products like pergolas and cabanas? Inplex can provide you with the colors and durability you need for your outdoor plastic products. Some popular pergola products on the market today use various custom plastic components manufactured by Inplex. 

Pergolas are growing in popularity amongst consumers. This makes it a good reason to understand which plastic components are best for long-lasting and high-quality pergolas. Check out our blog if you are interested in learning why top brands choose Inplex for custom plastic components in their outdoor products.

Custom Plastic Refrigerator Tubing

Although you may never have even seen these necessary parts of your refrigerator, without them, the coolant cannot circulate effectively, and your food will not stay cold. Plastic tubing can be constructed out of a range of materials. Inplex’s custom plastic tubing can span from flexible to semi-rigid to rigid depending on our customer’s specifications

Due to Inplex’s long-term experience, an appliance of yours most likely had tubing manufactured here at Inplex!

Inplex is a reputable name in the plastic extrusion and custom plastic manufacturing industry. Inplex has recently been audited and received its ISO recertification for the ninth consecutive year in a row. This audit included areas such as sales and order entry, production, calibration, production equipment, and purchasing.

Create Custom Plastic Spray Bottle Dip Tubes

black spray bottle with water inside

Do you know how many products are in your home that contain plastic dip tubes? You might be surprised at the number. Dip tubes are another aspect of your daily life that you may never have considered were manufactured here at Inplex. Dip tubes are the thin hollow tubes used in spray bottles to move the liquid from the bottle to the spray nozzle.

Some of the following products frequently use custom plastic dip tubes likes those manufactured by Inplex:

  • Cleaner Spray Bottles
  • Lotion Bottles
  • Moisturizer Pump Bottles
  • Water Spray Bottle 
  • Hair Product Bottles

Basically, any type of bottle that features a spraying mechanism relies on the use of a plastic dip tube to function correctly. Nothing is more frustrating when your bottle stops spraying or pumping but is still full of product. A poor component in the product will reflect to customers as poor product quality and can hinder sales. 

That’s why many manufacturers turn to Inplex for their custom plastic dip tubes. They know that Inplex produces quality plastic dip tubes that are reliable. Our plastic spray bottle dip tubes and other custom plastic dip tubes will match the quality expectations customers have for you brand. 

Custom Plastic Light Covers 

There was a time when most light covers were manufactured out of glass. With the increased use of LED lighting and improvements in plastic manufacturing, many light covers are now being manufactured out of plastic, a much cheaper, and safer, alternative. 

One of the most popular materials used to produce light covers is the industry standard, PETG (Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol). This thermoplastic material is clear and durable, which makes it perfect for tubing and custom plastic profiles. 

Many light covers may be clear, but when you have them manufactured by Inplex, you are offered a range of colors to choose from. Whatever unique colors you need for your custom light covers can be found at Inplex.

Point of Purchase Displays 

grocery store point purchase display

It’s no secret that customers are much more likely to buy something if it is visible. Inplex can create customized point-of-purchase displays that keep a product visible and accessible to the customer, regardless of size or shape. 

Custom plastic components are used throughout grocery stores, retail stores, and many other facilities.  At Inplex, we create custom point of purchase displays in just about any color or style. Most stores use extruded rail strips, display channels, and custom price tag holders. When our customers are interested in a point-of-purchase display they choose some of the following: 

  • Display Channels
  • Rail Strips
  • Sign Poles
  • Display Legs
  • Shelf Strips
  • Banner Holders
  • Price Tag Holder
  • Shelf edging 

Lawn Sprinkler System Tubing 

Unlike the thin tubing needed to run water just below the surface of your landscaping, these tubes are designed to withstand the pressure of being buried. They run the water from the supply to the individual sprinklers. At Inplex our custom plastic tubing  will always be: 

  • Cut to length
  • Wound on spools or coils
  • Slit full length
  • Printed to your specifications
  • In-line fabrication

Landscaping Outdoor Sprinklers Made From Custom Plastic Tubing

Outdoor gardens and landscaping are beautiful additions to add to your home. Have you ever passed a beautifully landscaped area, and wondered how everything was so green? Most likely the landscaped area in question had outdoor sprinklers made from custom plastic tubing. Outdoor sprinklers keep the plants green and the trouble out of your hands. 

Large-scale outdoor sprinklers may be necessary for your industrial landscaping if you live in a dry climate. The tubes the water travels through are made of flexible plastic that can be shaped to fit your landscaping structure. We offer a wide range of stock and custom colors in addition to various opacities, from transparent to translucent to fully opaque. No need to continue to worry about watering your plants when Inplex can help design custom plastic tubing for outdoor sprinklers.

Custom Plastic Electrical Jacketing

This is another use of plastic that you may never consider unless something goes wrong. Every electrical wire in your home or workplace, and all of the electrical devices contained in them, is encased in a protective shield. Inplex manufactures these wire jackets in custom sizes and colors. 

Electrical Jacketing is something that is so useful and goes unnoticed. Now you have a better understanding of a hidden plastic component that may exist in your home that helps keep your family safe, thanks to custom plastic manufacturers like Inplex.

Choose The Best Custom Plastic Components Manufacturer, Inplex

Inplex has manufactured endless amounts of consumer plastic products. As you can see Inplex can provide services for custom plastic products belonging to many different industries. 

Inplex’s team of plastics experts and engineers has sufficient experience in designing customized multi-purpose plastic consumer goods. Inplex uses its expertise to design custom plastic profiles, plastic tubing, and a wide variety of other custom plastic products. 

If you need custom plastic components for consumer products, Inplex can supply them in the size, shape, and quantities you need. By working with an experienced custom extruder, you will receive expert knowledge and guidance throughout the whole manufacturing process.

Contact Inplex today to learn more about our process and systems. We always welcome new projects that challenge us and allow us to break into new market segments and expand our list of 10 popular consumer products made with Inplex custom plastic components

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