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The Best in Manufacturing Plastic Consumer Goods: Inplex

If you are like most people, you spend very little time thinking about the plastics that make your life better every day. Whether you are using lotion from a pump dispenser bottle, chilling your drink with ice cubes from the ice cube maker in your freezer, or enjoying that drink in your pergola, you are using plastic consumer goods. Keep reading to learn more about the best in plastic consumer goods: Inplex

It may not be on your mind as you sip your cold drink under your pergola made with custom plastic parts, but the manufacture of plastic goods is a huge industry. According to Grand View Research, the market size for plastic goods was more than $579 billion in 2021. They predict that number will rise to more than $593 billion by the end of 2022.

Inplex is an American-owned and operated plastic consumer goods manufacturing company based in Naperville, Illinois. Since 1967 they have been producing custom plastic consumer goods, many of which may have found their way into your daily life. They offer high-quality custom plastic manufacturing coupled with exceptional customer service and a drive to be adaptable and innovative.

Which Custom Plastic Consumer Goods Does Inplex Manufacture?

Inplex manufactures a wide variety of plastic extrusion goods for many different uses, both industrial and household. Some of their plastic manufacturing products that may already be in or around your home include the following.

  • Dip tubes: Dip tubes are used in bottles to move the product inside the bottle up and out of the bottle. Common uses include spray bottles, lotion, shampoo and spray bottles, decorative dispensers for any of these products, and anything else that can be pumped or sprayed out of a container.
  • Small plastic hoses: These can be found in ice makers, refrigerators, some coffee makers, and any other appliance that uses plastic tubing.
  • Outdoor Plastic Products: This includes the plastic used in a wide variety of outdoor consumer items. Pergolas, arbors, cabanas, outdoor furniture, and lawn decorations are just a few of the many outdoor plastic consumer goods that Inplex creates custom plastic parts for. Check out our recent blog Why Top Brands Choose Inplex for Custom Plastic Components in Outdoor Products.
  • Lighting Covers: Whether you are using LED strings of lights to brighten your pergola or you are using a desk lamp to illuminate your work, chances are good that the coverings used are custom plastic consumer goods. While Inplex does not manufacture every custom light fixture on the market, they do provide custom options in high-quality light coverings for household and industrial uses.

What Are the Keys to Inplex’s Success?

Inplex has been involved with the plastic manufacturer for over 50 years, so they understand the needs and preferences of their customers. They’ve completed countless custom plastic manufacturing products for clients across the USA.

Being an Adaptable Plastics Manufacturer

Inplex first goal is to provide the highest quality plastic products for their clients at the best price. They do this by being adaptable and making use of the newest techniques and technologies to streamline the plastic manufacturing process. They use various custom plastic co-extrusion techniques to create polymer blends that can fit almost any specifications.

Listening to their Customers’ Needs

Inplex also strives to be able to create custom plastic products that their customer’s exact specifications. They do this by using a wide variety of materials like High Impact Polystyrene(HIPs), Nylon, Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), and more. Inplex takes the time to learn not just the shape and size of the custom pieces they will be making but what these pieces will be used for. Knowing this allows them to suggest the most effective materials for the project.

Offering Variety for Custom Plastic Manufacturing Projects

One of the advantages of using plastic in products that will be used in and around your home is the variety of colors that items can be manufactured in. Inplex has many color options for its customers to choose from for their custom plastic manufacturing projects. Whether you need pieces for a natural setting pergola in shades of brown and green, or pieces for a children’s playset in bright primary colors, Inplex can give create exactly the colors and shades customers are looking for.

Providing Exceptional Customer Service

Finally, Inplex remains a leader in the custom plastic manufacturing and extrusion industry because they work to ensure that every customer is satisfied with their products every time. They understand that their clients need their custom plastic materials manufactured to meet their expectations and to be made with quality. Inplex understands that getting it right the first time is required for every project order, and their numerous quality check and certifications ensure a job well done.

Inplex matches talent with technology to be able to give their clients exactly the products they are looking for as promptly as possible.

How Can Inplex Meet Your Plastic Manufacturing Needs?

To find out more about the custom plastic consumer or industrial use goods Inplex can provide you with contact Inplex today. You provide them with your specifications and they can provide you with an accurate quote. You can even request more information or a quote right through the Inplex website to get answers with no commitment.

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